1826 Indenture between Owen Irvin (Ervin) and Robert Baird of Meigs County, Ohio

in Miscellaneous

Deed Book 2 Page 311, Meigs County, Ohio

Transcribed by Amy Ervin-Smithson
Special thanks to Sharon Siens Peery for finding this in the Index which led us to the courthouse for the actual document!

This Indenture made and concluded this 15th day of April 1826 by and between Samuel Irvin and Owen Irvin his son of the one part, and Robert Baird of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Owen Irvin, by and with the consent of his father Samuel Irvin, has placed and bound himself an apprentice to the said Robert Baird and with him to dwell, continue and serve as a good and faithful apprentice from the day of the date herein to the full end and term of seven years and three months. Next, ensuring all to be complete and ended and the said Robert Baird for and in consideration of the above services binds himself his heirs to give and allow unto his said apprentice good and sufficient meat drink washing lodging and wearing apparel fit and convenient for such apprentice and instruct or cause to be well and sufficiently instructed teh said apprentice in the art trade, mastery or occupation of a farmer and also to cause the said apprentice to be well taught in reading, writing, and arithmetic as far as the rules of Three, and at the expiration of the above term to give the said apprentice two suits of clothes with thirty dollars, and twenty dollars worth of meat stock as witness our hands and seals the date above.

Attest N Newsome
Merindia K. Hooey

Samuel Irvin (his mark)
Owen Irvin (his mark)
Robert Baird

State of Ohio
Meigs County

Chester, October 27th 1826
I certify that the foregoing is a true Record from the Original

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