Ervin Genealogical Marriage Records

Ervin Marriage Records

The following marriage records have been compiled over the years and can be sorted by Groom, Bride, and County simply by clicking the blue column headers.

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Groom Name Bride Name Date County State Posted by
Nelson ALESHIRE Lydia IRVIN 01/19/1832 Jackson Ohio Amy
John Alexander Ruth A. Irwin 07/18/1866 Morgan Ohio Amy
David V. Allen Margaret Irwin 05/24/1874 Scioto Ohio Amy
James Anderson Harriet Irwin 11/01/1866 Morgan Ohio Amy
Jefferson ANDERSON Arrilla ERWIN 08/23/1855 Vinton Ohio Amy
John P. Arnold Sarah E. Ervin 12/31/1870 Jackson Ohio Amy
John Bailey Mary Irwin 04/06/1860 Morgan Ohio Amy
Thomas Bartlet Clarinda Ervin 03/24/1863 Jackson Ohio Amy
Robert BAYLIE Nancy ERVIN 11/28/1847 Jackson Ohio Amy
James A. BERRY Lydia IRWIN 12/13/1877 Guernsey Ohio Amy
William A. BERRY Laura A. IRWIN 10/14/1879 Gallia Ohio Amy
Jonathan Brooks Marcia Irwin 01/15/1818 Athens Ohio Amy
Henry BRUMMER Catharine IRVIN 09/02/1832 Perry Ohio Amy
William BUCK Frances ERWIN 09/02/1815 Gallia Ohio Amy
C.F. BUTLES Elizabeth IRVIN 01/26/1846 Lawrence Ohio Amy
C.F. Butles Elizabeth Irvin 01/29/1846 Lawrence Ohio Amy
James Camp Eva A. Irwin 03/24/1868 Morgan Ohio Amy
Daniel N. CAMPBELL Jennie IRVINE 12/17/1876 Washington Ohio Amy
Edward Canter Cynthia I. Erwin 06/03/1875 Scioto Ohio Amy
Abraham CASSEL Sophia IRVAN 08/25/1837 Perry Ohio Amy
Spencer CHERINGTON Susan IRVIN 11/05/1857 Jackson Ohio Amy
William CLARK Lucinda M. IRVIN 11/12/1842 Gallia Ohio Amy
Allen Clark Mary R. Ervin 08/23/1866 Meigs Ohio Amy
William Crabtree Mary E. Erwin 02/20/1875 Scioto Ohio Amy
W.B. Culberson Marmena Irvin 12/25/1861 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Robert Daniel Dolly Erwine 03/20/1803 Gallia Ohio Amy
William Eppley Eliza Irwin 06/02/1881 Morgan Ohio Amy
George B. Erven Emma Sarchet 08/24/1871 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Henry H. Erven Maggie B. Patterson 06/19/1881 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Jonas ERVIN Elizabeth E. HEATON 06/03/1869 Meigs Ohio Amy
Ross Ervin Maggie Gatten 09/01/1880 Jackson Ohio Amy
Vance Ervin Lizzie Warner 05/30/1882 Vinton Ohio Amy
James H. Ervin Mary C. Ausburn 08/26/1866 Vinton Ohio Amy
William A. Ervin Vesta L. Melvin 07/03/1880 Jackson Ohio Amy
Samuel Ervin Margaret Bradley 09/02/1864 Jackson Ohio Amy
James L. Ervin Almira Phillips 12/14/1862 Jackson Ohio Amy
Robert B. Ervin Matilda Starr 12/31/1885 Jackson Ohio Amy
Isaiah Ervin Ellen Siders 03/19/1873 Gallia Ohio Amy
Samuel ERVIN Lidia KIRKINDALL 07/14/1826 Athens Ohio Amy
Samuel C. ERVIN Sarah M. SPERRY 08/17/1865 Vinton Ohio Amy
Milton ERVIN Elizabeth SCIANCE 04/06/1854 Vinton Ohio Amy
Jacob ERVIN Ellen WARD 11/30/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
Isaac ERVIN Nancy Jane STRASBAUGH 07/05/1877 Vinton Ohio Amy
John A. Ervin Alice E. Allen 10/20/1878 Jackson Ohio Amy
Presley Ervin Rosina Vance 11/09/1841 Gallia Ohio Amy
William Ervin Maggie Kier 01/29/1879 Vinton Ohio Amy
John Ervin Caroline B. Smith 08/05/1869 Meigs Ohio Amy
Nial Ervin Missourri A. Skyberry 06/15/1883 Meigs Ohio Amy
George W. Ervin Nancy R. Clark 02/28/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
George Ervin Eve Whetsel 03/03/1839 Jackson Ohio Amy
John A. Ervin Mary Jenks 12/13/1871 Jackson Ohio Amy
Arius Ervin Catharine Jane Claflin 08/05/1875 Jackson Ohio Amy
Robert Ervin Sarah Selby 11/01/1838 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Layton ERVIN Elizabeth SHELINE 08/15/1872 Gallia Ohio Amy
Andrew ERVIN Catharine CLAFLIN 03/22/1849 Gallia Ohio Amy
Joseph ERVIN Elizabeth BONER 10/08/1837 Jackson Ohio Amy
Alexander B. ERVIN Elenor HUESTON 09/ 01/184 Jackson Ohio Amy
Samuel ERVIN Nancy BALEY 02/07/1841 Jackson Ohio Amy
Albert ERVIN Elizabeth FOSTER 09/02/1860 Jackson Ohio Amy
Isaac ERVIN Ruth Ann BOLER 11/16/1872 Jackson Ohio Amy
Thomas J. ERVIN Nancy R. MELVIN 05/24/1868 Jackson Ohio Amy
Andrew ERVIN Jane FOSTER 12/30/1860 Jackson Ohio Amy
Thomas L. ERVIN Martha E. WILCOX 10/01/1884 Jackson Ohio Amy
A.B. Ervine Phebe Beatty 11/02/1870 Jackson Ohio Amy
John Erwin Milly Johnson 02/21/1809 Gallia Ohio Amy
Samuel ERWIN Nancy PEWTERS 06/27/1833 Athens Ohio Amy
Milton S. Erwin Mary F. Rathburn 03/26/1876 Morgan Ohio Amy
Francis ERWIN Lucy LAWLESS 09/02/1815 Gallia Ohio Amy
Abram ERWIN Elizabeth MURRY 03/18/1858 Gallia Ohio Amy
William Erwin Nancy Roush 06/29/1854 Gallia Ohio Amy
Arieus N. Erwin Estelle Chappell 01/11/1882 Gallia Ohio Amy
Allen ERWIN Caroline CALENDAR 10/14/1876 Scioto Ohio Amy
John Erwin Versinah Morgan 09/02/1837 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Robert W. Erwin Julia E. Carpenter 04/19/1870 Athens Ohio Amy
Samuel Erwin Nancy Monroe 02/17/1870 Scioto Ohio Amy
Francis ERWIN Nancy DARST 12/24/1840 Gallia Ohio Amy
Marshall M. Erwin Elizabeth Butcher 11/28/1869 Washington Ohio Amy
Thomas J. ERWIN Talitha JONES 08/04/1877 Meigs Ohio Amy
Owen ERWIN Louisa N. SCOTT 04/12/1851 Vinton Ohio Amy
Isaac ERWIN Lovina COTTRILL 03/13/1849 Athens Ohio Amy
John Erwin Sarah Sevall 08/31/1837 Morgan Ohio Amy
Elias ERWIN Huldak DEAL 07/23/1848 Jackson Ohio Amy
Martin ERWIN Emily A. PENNINGTON 11/26/1867 Gallia Ohio Amy
Thomas J. ERWIN Leo JEWELL 01/10/1874 Meigs Ohio Amy
Elza E. ERWINE Hannah A. BEEMAN 08/06/1881 Pike Ohio Amy
Nathaniel E. Estes Mary E. Ervin 06/04/1863 Jackson Ohio Amy
Clement Fay Emeline Irvin 03/16/1848 Athens Ohio Amy
John D. Forney Mary Jane Ervin 12/30/1860 Jackson Ohio Amy
Allen Frazier Mary Jane Irvin 02/17/1854 Gallia Ohio Amy
Charles J. Froidebaux Mary E. Irvin 09/08/1876 Gallia Ohio Amy
Andrew L. Fulton Sarah Jane Erwin 08/11/1853 Gallia Ohio Amy
John B. GALLAUGHER Sarah E. ERWIN 06/08/1852 Guernsey Ohio Amy
John GREEN Emily IRVIN 10/13/1878 Pike Ohio Amy
George H. GREENE Margaret M. ERVIN 12/07/1872 Jackson Ohio Amy
Thomas B. HALL Eva B. IRWIN 05/20/1885 Lawrence Ohio Amy
George Hamilton Jemima L. Irwin 11/09/1848 Gallia Ohio Amy
Isaac Y. Hampton Lutetia Ann Ervin 10/05/1873 Morgan Ohio Amy
Moses Hanlin Margaret Irwin 12/31/1867 Gallia Ohio Amy
Levi HARRIS Catahrine IRWIN 01/19/1843 Athens Ohio Amy
Joseph A. Hartsel Mary E. Irvin 04/07/1872 Scioto Ohio Amy
Lewis H. Hatfield Mary E. Irwin 07/14/1872 Morgan Ohio Amy
James C. HAWKINS Catharine ERVIN 10/03/1875 Jackson Ohio Amy
George HEPWORTH Harriet IRWIN 06/16/1855 Vinton Ohio Amy
Henry HOFFER Jane IRVIN 08/25/1872 Scioto Ohio Amy
John J. HOKE Harriet O. IRWIN 09/02/1869 Lawrence Ohio Amy
John W. HULL Nannie Bell ERVIN 12/13/1879 Vinton Ohio Amy
John S. ICENHOWER Nancy E. ERVIN 04/20/1876 Meigs Ohio Amy
James IRVEN Hannah NORTH 12/18/1882 Scioto Ohio Amy
Henry Irvin Sarah Ann W. Ward 11/22/1849 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Wm. D. Irvin Hester Rowland 11/23/1872 Morgan Ohio Amy
Robert Irvin Eliza Adams 10/22/1846 Morgan Ohio Amy
Thomas IRVIN Mary SMITH 04/14/1849 Scioto Ohio Amy
Andrew IRVIN Hannah WYMAN 10/15/1846 Athens Ohio Amy
Thomas Irvin Mary Smock 12/24/1873 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Jerimiah Irvin Barbary Morgan 12/29/1836 Scioto Ohio Amy
Edward Irvin Lucinda Ralph 11/03/1836 Gallia Ohio Amy
Jacob Irvin Catharine E. Vance 01/20/1853 Guernsey Ohio Amy
John S. Irvin Sarah Leherv 12/28/1865 Morgan Ohio Amy
William M. Irvin Mary E. McClane 05/08/1875 Perry Ohio Amy
Elias IRVIN Mary Ellen BRADLEY 09/02/1873 Jackson Ohio Amy
Owen IRVIN Deborah ANDERSON 10/07/1832 Jackson Ohio Amy
Christopher IRVIN Ellen T. BROOKS 03/02/1876 Jackson Ohio Amy
William IRVIN Hester ARMSTRONG 10/24/1871 Washington Ohio Amy
Joseph IRVIN Samantha WILCOX 02/29/1856 Vinton Ohio Amy
Alexander IRVIN Priscilla HAZLETON 02/10/1846 Perry Ohio Amy
Edward IRVIN Hester VOLTONBURG 12/20/1860 Perry Ohio Amy
Frank IRVIN Ella McCLUEG 03/13/1873 Perry Ohio Amy
William IRVIN Elisabeth SHAFFER 03/09/1836 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Jacob IRVIN Catharine E. VANCE 01/20/1853 Guernsey Ohio Amy
John Irvin Martha Palmer 05/03/1849 Jackson Ohio Amy
Perry L. IRVIN Jane L. DYKE 11/05/1865 Gallia Ohio Amy
Jackson IRVIN Magdalene GARLINGER 03/02/1848 Perry Ohio Amy
John Irvin Margaret Consol 08/15/1869 Meigs Ohio Amy
Henry IRVIN Harriet CARR 02/03/1862 Pike Ohio Amy
Andrew IRVIN Margaret TUBBLE 08/25/1833 Pike Ohio Amy
Benjamin O. Irvin Nancy Fisher 12/26/1852 Gallia Ohio Amy
James Irvin Elizabeth Clark 08/23/1840 Gallia Ohio Amy
James W. Irvin Orpha Harrison 01/10/1845 Gallia Ohio Amy
Harry IRVIN Maria STRAWN 05/16/1880 Perry Ohio Amy
Thomas J. IRVIN Samantha A. WELCH 12/26/1865 Perry Ohio Amy
John M. Irvin Catharine Bowen 12/07/1872 Lawrence Ohio Amy
George Irvin Susan Parks 11/24/1870 Perry Ohio Amy
John Irvin Franconia Boyce 08/11/1877 Perry Ohio Amy
John Irvin Elizabeth Owens 08/10/1843 Perry Ohio Amy
Jefferson IRVIN Jane HOY 02/10/1871 Perry Ohio Amy
Wm. M. Irvin Mary Alderman 04/20/1871 Perry Ohio Amy
Edward IRVIN Lucinda RALPH 11/03/1836 Gallia Ohio Amy
John IRVINE Mary Jane HAMILTON 03/25/1852 Guernsey Ohio Amy
William G. Irvine Mary C. Gilman 06/19/1883 Gallia Ohio Amy
Thompson Irvine Ellen Anderson 07/12/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
Richard J. IRVINE Eunice A. BALLARD 04/30/1876 Washington Ohio Amy
John Irvine Mary J. Smith 10/03/1870 Vinton Ohio Amy
George Irvine Catharine Fitzpatrick 11/30/1865 Pike Ohio Amy
Francis B. IRWIN Annie D. ROBBINS 11/24/1859 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Daniel IRWIN Margaret HUMPHREY 03/03/1869 Gallia Ohio Amy
Thomas O. IRWIN Maria B. WOODROW 07/26/1877 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Joseph Irwin Eliza M. Chandler 02/25/1830 Morgan Ohio Amy
James Irwin Angeline Toland 12/15/1882 Scioto Ohio Amy
George Irwin Jemima Russell 07/05/1821 Lawrence Ohio Amy
George M. Irwin Mahalia J. Smith 01/01/1854 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Isaac Newton IRWIN Ellen HAYS 04/11/1874 Jackson Ohio Amy
Joseph Irwin Elizabeth Axtell 06/16/1842 Athens Ohio Amy
Thomas M. Irwin Levina Grubb 07/31/1869 Morgan Ohio Amy
John T. Irwin Letitia W. Wiseman 09/01/1845 Gallia Ohio Amy
Thomas A. Irwin Nancy Scott 07/12/1870 Morgan Ohio Amy
Samuel W. Irwin Nancy Stockham 11/05/1849 Scioto Ohio Amy
Lewis IRWIN Cynthia ANDERSON 09/01/1870 Meigs Ohio Amy
Elijah M. IRWIN Emily E. CRUMBAKER 12/03/1874 Meigs Ohio Amy
Thomas Irwin Mary E. Williams 02/27/1870 Morgan Ohio Amy
John Irwin Charlotte Santon 10/21/1866 Lawrence Ohio Amy
George Irwin Lucretia Russell 03/03/1864 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Robert Irwin Huldy Rockwell 01/13/1855 Scioto Ohio Amy
William B. Irwin Rebecca Schoonover 08/23/1868 Morgan Ohio Amy
Caleb IRWIN Elizabeth HARDEN 01/05/1840 Hocking Ohio Amy
S.C. Irwin Tamer E. Beech 01/03/1869 Morgan Ohio Amy
Vinton IRWIN Malissa McCARTY 10/13/1863 Vinton Ohio Amy
Wm. Irwin Mary Jane Harris 08/02/1859 Morgan Ohio Amy
Elisha Irwin Orphann Amos 05/31/1835 Morgan Ohio Amy
William H. Irwin Luisa Goolsbey 01/29/1879 Gallia Ohio Amy
Henry IRWIN Eliza KINNEY 10/17/1860 Athens Ohio Amy
Isarel IRWIN Nancy WHALEY 05/18/1859 Athens Ohio Amy
John B. IRWIN Esther M. KNOWLES 02/07/1874 Washington Ohio Amy
Thomas Irwin Evaline M. Elain 09/01/1859 Morgan Ohio Amy
Samuel G. IRWIN Mary RAINEY 03/27/1851 Guernsey Ohio Amy
James IRWIN Melissa FINNEY 01/19/1860 Scioto Ohio Amy
James IRWIN Hannah THOMPSON 06/03/1858 Athens Ohio Amy
Josiah IRWIN Sally Ann COPELAND 02/08/1862 Gallia Ohio Amy
Daniel S. IRWIN Matilda HENRY 08/12/1851 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Alfred Edward IRWINE Sarah E. ADUDDLE 03/14/1865 Pike Ohio Amy
David IRWINE Elizabeth THROCKMORTON 11/18/1852 Athens Ohio Amy
Joseph JENKINS Lydia M. ERWIN 09/01/1854 Vinton Ohio Amy
James Johnson Mary Ervin 02/16/1832 Jackson Ohio Amy
Merida KESTERSON Polly ERWIN 06/03/1820 Athens Ohio Amy
Henry KOONIE Mariah IRWIN 06/13/1859 Perry Ohio Amy
William H. LARCAMP Annie IRVIN 07/06/1876 Jackson Ohio Amy
David H. LAWLESS Olevia ERWIN 11/20/1870 Gallia Ohio Amy
Lorenzo LEACH Martha ERVIN 03/19/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
John Lebez Mary Jane Irvin 04/22/1851 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Thomas LEWIS Eliza Jane ERVIN 02/11/1872 Jackson Ohio Amy
George W. LIFFLER Alice IRVIN 01/24/1861 Perry Ohio Amy
William H. LITTLEJOHN Emma C. IRWIN 02/16/1879 Scioto Ohio Amy
William C. Long Mary J. Ervin 07/06/1856 Jackson Ohio Amy
John F. MAINS Sarah C. IRVIN 08/17/1852 Perry Ohio Amy
John C. Malone Sadie S. Irwin 10/21/1878 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Daniel Marlow Mary A. Irvin 09/01/1871 Perry Ohio Amy
William Martin Sarah Ervin 03/11/1857 Vinton Ohio Amy
Hugh Martindale Lucinda M. Irwin 04/09/1874 Gallia Ohio Amy
John Mathews Betsy Irvin 12/15/1859 Hocking Ohio Amy
John MATHEWS Betsy IRVIN 12/15/1859 Hocking Ohio Amy
Westly McCARTY Amy ERVIN 05/04/1851 Vinton Ohio Amy
James McCOY Fidelia ERVIN 03/23/1882 Meigs Ohio Amy
Hugh McCREARY Rebecca IRWIN 10/07/1824 Guernsey Ohio Amy
Isaac McLaughlin Nancy Ervin 02/02/1837 Guernsey Ohio Amy
James McManus Sarah Jane Irvin 09/02/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
John H. McPHELER Lydia Ann ERVIN 04/14/1872 Vinton Ohio Amy
Martin MEAD Sarah J. IRVINE 04/28/1876 Washington Ohio Amy
Conrad D. MOSINE Ann IRVIN 04/05/1860 Hocking Ohio Amy
Andrew J. Mossman Lucinda C. Erwin 12/21/1865 Gallia Ohio Amy
Edward R. MULLAHON Margaret ERVIN 09/02/1859 Vinton Ohio Amy
George W. OILER Anna ERVIN 11/18/1860 Gallia Ohio Amy
James Peoples Mary Ervin 07/04/1874 Vinton Ohio Amy
James W. Rathburn Mary Jane Irwin 07/23/1876 Gallia Ohio Amy
William Rees Mary E. Irwin 04/09/1876 Gallia Ohio Amy
Edward E. Rice Marinda A. Ervin 02/22/1866 Meigs Ohio Amy
James M. RIDDLE Emma E. IRWIN 07/05/1882 Lawrence Ohio Amy
James Riffe Mary Erwin 10/31/1841 Gallia Ohio Amy
Abner ROUSH Rachel ERWEN 08/01/1867 Gallia Ohio Amy
Abram ROWLAND Lucy Ann ERWIN 11/26/1871 Jackson Ohio Amy
Silus Rowland Martha Irwin 08/23/1859 Morgan Ohio Amy
Samuel RUSSEL Anna ERWIN 05/20/1845 Gallia Ohio Amy
Jonathan SAFFEL Harriet IRVIN 11/12/1840 Perry Ohio Amy
Abraham SCHLAGEL Malissa A. ERVIN 09/01/1868 Meigs Ohio Amy
John Scott Sarah Ann Irwin 04/16/1839 Morgan Ohio Amy
Wm. H. Shinault Elizabeth H. Ervin 12/25/1881 Jackson Ohio Amy
John L. SHOEMAKER Rachel S. IRVIN 02/03/1877 Gallia Ohio Amy
John L. Shoemaker Rachel S. Irvin 02/03/1877 Gallia Ohio Amy
Elza SICKLES Maggie ERVIN 07/03/1875 Jackson Ohio Amy
Thomas Siens Sarah Ervin 02/19/1860 Vinton Ohio Amy
Joseph Skiver Leena Irvin 08/04/1859 Hocking Ohio Amy
Thomas J. SMITH Lucinda J. ERVIN 08/07/1879 Vinton Ohio Amy
William T. Smith Elizabeth Erven 06/20/1869 Guernsey Ohio Amy
David A. Sowards Mary M. Ervin 11/28/1876 Vinton Ohio Amy
Edward Stanley Jane Erwin 02/04/1862 Gallia Ohio Amy
J.N. Steel Mamie Ervin 10/09/1873 Jackson Ohio Amy
William STEVENS Harriet IRVIN 12/09/1868 Jackson Ohio Amy
Madison STEVENS Nancy Jane IRVINE 12/27/1870 Vinton Ohio Amy
William SWANSON Lavina IRVIN 01/27/1842 Gallia Ohio Amy
Asbury SWEARINGER Esther ERVINE 09/02/1870 Jackson Ohio Amy
Thomas Swigley Jane Irvin 12/31/1836 Perry Ohio Amy
Baley SWISHER Charlotte IRWIN 05/08/1875 Gallia Ohio Amy
Nelson A. Swisher Margaret Erwin 11/12/1880 Gallia Ohio Amy
George TALLY Catharine ERVINE 06/03/1865 Jackson Ohio Amy
Jesse Terrell Maria Irvin 02/21/1867 Perry Ohio Amy
Joseph H. THAXTON Agness A. IRWIN 06/14/1878 Gallia Ohio Amy
Richard TOPE Rebecca IRVIN 03/04/1875 Gallia Ohio Amy
Isaac Troth Biddy Irvin 06/04/1848 Gallia Ohio Amy
Isaac N. TUCKER Alvira ERVIN 03/29/1873 Jackson Ohio Amy
William TURNER Nancy IRVIN 03/05/1874 Perry Ohio Amy
John Urvin Eleanor Podiff 09/02/1849 Gallia Ohio Amy
Robert P. Urwin Hattie H. Dickey 07/06/1885 Gallia Ohio Amy
John Urwin Sarah Pritchet 12/15/1838 Gallia Ohio Amy
James Van GORDER Margie IRWIN 01/18/1880 Scioto Ohio Amy
George H. VENNING Sophia IRVIN 11/04/1879 Perry Ohio Amy
George WALLACE Anna ERWIN 05/02/1885 Jackson Ohio Amy
William Walter Esther V. Erwin 10/09/1870 Gallia Ohio Amy
George N. Walter Deniza Erwin 12/07/1873 Gallia Ohio Amy
William WALTER Esther V. ERWIN 10/09/1870 Gallia Ohio Amy
John WARD Cynthia ERWIN 06/02/1881 Gallia Ohio Amy
Philip WARNER Eliza ERVIN 08/19/1882 Vinton Ohio Amy
Hiram WELLS Susan M. IRWIN 10/22/1874 Meigs Ohio Amy
Asa White Elisabeth Erwin 10/04/1855 Scioto Ohio Amy
Perry WHITE Rachel IRVIN 12/15/1841 Gallia Ohio Amy
George W. Wiggins Sarah Erwin 12/04/1874 Gallia Ohio Amy
James Williams Emoline Irvin 10/21/1865 Athens Ohio Amy
Jacob Wilsbaugher Mary A. Ervin 05/12/1856 Hocking Ohio Amy
James WILSON Magdalena IRVIN 07/08/1858 Perry Ohio Amy
Ezariah Wiman Lucinda Ervin 01/26/1845 Jackson Ohio Amy
Ezariah WIMAN Lucinda ERVIN 01/26/1845 Jackson Ohio Amy
William WINSLOW Martha ERVIN 04/03/1869 Vinton Ohio Amy
Frank Winter Sarah Jane Urwin 11/26/1863 Gallia Ohio Amy
Allen WISEMAN Amanda IRWIN 12/05/1838 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Abner WISEMAN Martha Jane IRWIN 09/02/1847 Lawrence Ohio Amy
Henry Samuel Yerty Lurinda Erwin 03/10/1864 Gallia Ohio Amy
Daniel Ervine Nancy Rutter 12/31/1882 Ross Ohio Kathie
James H. Irwin Mollie E. Rodgers 3 Feb 1874 Lawrence Ohio Kathie
Obadiah Clark Sally Erving 07/17/1804 Washington Ohio speery
John Erwing Charity Parker 07/20/1817 Washington Ohio speery
David Irwin Mary Fletcher 08/01/1810 Washington Ohio speery
Richard Ervin Beverly Sowers 05/17/1975 Montgomery Ohio richervin
THos. Erwin Catharine Herbert 02/23/1837 Guernsey OH speery
John Ervin Rachel Tucker 02/25/1830 Meigs Ohio Kathie
Isaac Irvin Margaret Aleshire 06/07/1857 Meigs Ohio Kathie
John Irwin Nancy Saxton 12/16/1824 Meigs Ohio Kathie
Benjamin Irwin Margaret McHenry 01/11/1826 Meigs Ohio Kathie
John Erwin Polly Brooks 09/04/1826 Meigs Ohio Kathie
Samuel Erwin Ruth Douglas 04/16/1829 Meigs Ohio Kathie
Benjamin Erwin Elizabeth Luallen 07/12/1829 Meigs Ohio Kathie
William Ervin Elizabeth Snodgrass 12/04/1797 Ohio WV Amy
William Irven Drusilla Brady 01/24/1799 Ohio WV Amy
Francis Irwin Ann Steel 03/18/1793 Ohio WV Amy
Isaac Irwin Amy S. Wylie 11/07/1826 Ohio WV Amy
Isac Irwin Sarah Snodgrass 03/13/1802 Ohio WV Amy
James Irwin Rachel Moore 11/11/1809 Ohio WV Amy
Samuel Irwin Suanna Kerr 01/11/1827 Ohio WV Amy
Jeremiah Swing Olivia Erwin 7/19/1827 Cincinnati Ohio joy
Eugene Brandt Mary Erwin 11/05/1868 Hamilton OH Amy
Robert W. Caldwell Maggie Erwin 10/28/1869 Putnam OH Amy
John Bailey Anne Arwin 05/10/1815 Gallia OH Amy
William Buck Jane Arwin 09/21/1815 Gallia OH Amy
Francis Arwin Lucy Lawless 09/15/1815 Gallia OH Amy
William S Ervin Laura J Heironimus 09/05/1877 Fayette Ohio Amy
Samuel Erwin Mary Reed 10/28/1857 Vinton Ohio Kathie
William B Ervin Alice E Harley 09/071904 Philadelphia Pa bobervin
Robert Ervin Agnes Taylor 12/28/1861 Phila Pa bobervin
Robert F Ervin Mable H McKnight 10/03/1936 Philadelphia Pa bobervin
Robert L Ervin Mary T Russell 11/22/1958 Delaware Pa bobervin
Robert D Ervin Patricia Fordyce 02/27/1988 Delaware Pa bobervin

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