Ervin Genealogical Research Records

Ervin Genealogical Research Records

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Record Title Record Type Posted By
* Tax denervin
1782 Map of West Augusta, Virginia Maps speery
1798 Petition to Form New County Miscellaneous speery
1812 Gallia County Tax List Tax Amy
1826 Indenture between Owen Irvin (Ervin) and Robert Baird of Meigs County, Ohio Miscellaneous Amy
1832 Marriage Record of Owen Ervin and Deborah Anderson Marriage Amy
1837 Deed Samuel Ervin and Drusilla Coplin Land Patents & Deeds Amy
1850 Jackson County and Athens County State Road Commissioner Miscellaneous Amy
1874 Marriage License of James McMannus to Sarah Jane Ervin Marriage Amy
1883 Marriage License of Andrew Erwin and Minta Byrn Marriage Amy
1894 Marriage License of Andrew Erwin and Arabella Couch Marriage Amy
1934 Marriage License of Owen W. Ervin and Lezona Mills Marriage Amy
50th Anniversary announcement for Eliza (Wingerter) and James Edward "Ed" Miscellaneous oviattpam
A transcript of an interview with John Franklin Ervin (Rich's grandfather) which includes the legend of the raft. Miscellaneous Kathie
Alexander Brandon Ervin Jr. (1841-1912) Obituary Kathie
Alexander Brandon Ervin Jr. (b-25 Feb 1841 d-1 Feb 1912) Death Kathie
Andrew Erwin (b-9-29-1861, d-7-24-1935) Death Certificate Death Amy
Annie (Eddinger) Ervin (b-May 12, 1886, d-Jan 16, 1915) Death Certificate Death Amy
Announcement of marriage of Mary (Smith) and Rodney Euwer Ervin Marriage oviattpam
Benjamin Franklin Ervin Obituary - 1940 Obituary sgtervin
Bertha (Hammond) Ervin (b-Nove 3, 1886, d-Mar 23, 1917) Death Certificate Death Amy
Bertha (Shields) Ervin (b-Nov 3, 1886, d-Mar 23, 1917) Death Certificate Death Amy
Betty Jean Murphy - Frederick M. Ervin Marriage License Marriage Amy
Bob "Bobbie" Ervin (1951-2014) Obituary Amy
Brooke County VA Personal Property Tax 1797-1828 Tax speery
Captain James M Ervin of Fayette County, Ill. Miscellaneous oviattpam
Caroline Kochensparger Martzolff (b-Jun 30, 1838, d-Jan 9, 1925) Death Certificate Death Amy
Charles E. Hackney Obituary Amy
Charles F. Martzolff (b-May 15, 1856, d-Aug 5, 1931) Death Certificate Death Amy
Charles Schwenker (b-1859, d-1929) Death Amy
Charles Schwenker m. Cora Heffner Marriage Amy
Charles Stoddard (b-Aug 29, 1863, d-May 2, 1929) Death Certificate Death Amy
Charles Thomas Ervin Obituary Obituary oviattpam
Church of Christ a/k/a Freewill Baptist Church on Leading Creek of Salisbury, Meigs County, Monthly Meeting Minutes Miscellaneous Amy
Clement Luther Martzolff (b-Nov 25, 1869, d-Aug 5, 1922) Death Certificate Death Amy
Clermont County Ohio Map Maps Amy
Colonel John Ervin Bible Bible Records, Birth, Death jimervin
David Edgar Ervin (b-Oct 11, 1865 Indiana, d-Sept 23, 1935 Jackson, OH) Death Certificate Death Amy
Death Certificate for Sarah A Ervin Siens Death Kathie
death certificate for William Daniel ERVIN 1832-1921 Death grannie annie
Descendants of Samuel ERVIN Jr. Amy
Dewey W. Ervin Obituary Amy
Dorothy Pauline (Ervin) Poling, 92, of Chillicothe Obituary Amy
Elias Ervin Funeral Bulletin Death oviattpam
Eliza Ervin Warner (b-Dec 12, 1862, d-Aug 28, 1948) Death Certificate Death Amy
Eliza Jane (Nixon) b.11 mar 1833 WV, d.Brown b-4 Mar 1926 WI Death TonyNorris
Eliza Scott Ervin Obituary Obituary oviattpam
Elizabeth (Lyons) Markins (b-Aug 14, 1861 d-Feb 28, 1938) Death Amy
Emmett C Erwin's Death Certificate Death Amy
Ervin Burials in Jackson Co., Ohio Cemetery & Burial Data speery
Evaline Ervin Duvall Death Record (1800-1868) Death Amy
Evan W Ervin 1919-2006 Obituary teervin
Excerpt from Will of Robert Erwin (b- ca 1718 Ireland) Wills Amy
Frances D. Schwenker (1863-1931) Death Amy
Frank Schwenker m. Nellie Day 1904 Marriage Amy
Frederick Maurice Ervin III 1950-2006 Obituary Amy
Funeral Notice for Elias Benjamin Ervin Death oviattpam
George W. Buchman (b-1848, d-1922) Death Certificate Death Amy
George W. Ervin (b-1854 d-1938) Death Certificate Death argrace
Georgianna Ervin (1923-2015) Obituary Obituary Amy
Harry M Ervin (1912) Death Amy
Hazel Ervin Obitaury (1911-2004) Winchester, KY Obituary Amy
Helen Elizabeth Ervin (1916) Death Amy
Henry Clinton Ervin (b-Jul 1, 1864 d-Mar 29, 1925) Death Amy
Henry Clinton Ervin (b-May 13, 1844 d-Apr 10, 1918) Death Amy
Hettie Gould Erwin Death Certificate Death Amy
Indiana Ohio Kentucky West Virginia Area Map Maps Amy
Inez (Romine) Martzolff (b-Jan 18, 1873, d-Jul 4, 1939) Death Certificate Death Amy
Invitation for marriage of Mary Katherine Smith and Rodney Euwer Ervin Marriage oviattpam
Isaac Ervin (b-Apr 19, 1854, d-May 19, 1935) Death Certificate Death Amy
J. Willis Ervin (1923-2014) Obituary Amy
Jackson & Vinton County Deaths Death Amy
Jacob Cotterman (b-Oct 6, 1865, d-May 8, 1945) Death Certificate Death Amy
Jacob Martzolff (b-Mar 24, 1835, d-Dec 24, 1922) Death Certificate Death Amy
James Edward and Eliza (Wingerter) Ervin Anniversary Miscellaneous oviattpam
James Ervin Will Wills Amy
James H Ervin of Belvidere, IL, formerly of Huntley, IL (1937-2014) Obituary Amy
James L. Curnutte Obituary Amy
James M. Ervin Jr. (1875-1911) death certificate Death Kathie
James M. Ervin Sr (1844-1926) death certificate Death Kathie
Jean S. Ervin of Granville Ohio (1935-2006) Obituary Amy
John Ervin (b-1805 d-1891) Obituary Obituary Amy
John L. Ervin, 77, of the Iowa, Obituary Death, Obituary Amy
John Schwenker (1861-1934) Death Amy
John Schwenker m. Frances Evans Marriage Amy
John T. "Jack" Gatterdam Obituary Obituary Amy
John W. Ervin Discharge from Company C of the 63rd Regiment, OVI Volunteers Miscellaneous Amy
Joseph Ross Ervin (1850-1916) Obituary Kathie
Josephine McCarty-Ervin Death Amy
Kenneth Joseph Nienkirchen (1924-2013) Obituary Amy
Last Will and Testament of Samuel Irwin (b-1806 PA) of Meigs County, Ohio Wills Amy
Letter from Thomas Ervin to J Willis Ervin 1987 Miscellaneous Amy
Lezona Mills ERVIN (1916-2006) Obituary Amy
Louisa Schwenker m. Albert Krumm Marriage Amy
Lucinda Jane (Ervin) Smith (b-Feb 17, 1860, d-Jul 4, 1935) Death Certificate Death Amy
Lulow Cemetery, Hamilton Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania Bible Records Amy
Magdalena Martzolff Cotterman (b-Mar 9, 1828, d-Jan 25, 1926) Death Certificate Death Amy
Margaret (Ervin) Mollihan (b-Apr 23, 1836 d-Dec 19, 1918) Death Kathie
Margaret (Lyons) Hartman Death Certificate (1866-1947) Death Amy
Margaret Ellen (Martzolff) Stoddard (b-Mar 15, 1865, d-Jan 9, 1947) Death Certificate Death Amy
Margaret Emeline (Martzolff) Blum (b-Sept 25, 1855, d-Dec 9, 1936) Death Certificate Death Amy
Margaret ERVIN Molihon (1837-1918) Obituary Kathie
Marriage Contract for Sarah (Thatcher) and Thomas Ervin Marriage oviattpam
Marriage Record for Samuel Ervin in Meigs county, Ohio Marriage Kathie
Marriage record for Samuel Irwin/Erwin and Mary Reed in Clinton, Vinton, Ohio Marriage Kathie
Mary (Whitmer) Martzolff (b-Jul 13, 1837, d-Jun 13, 1927) Death Certificate Death Amy
Mary Hannah (Martzolff) Ervin Obituary Amy
Mary Katherine Smith marries Rodney Euwer Ervin Marriage oviattpam
Mary Sowards (b-1857 d-1947) Death Certificate Death argrace
Mason WV Marriages Marriage Amy
Matilda (Starr) Ervin (b-Apr 3, 1863, d-Mar 31, 1915) Death Certificate Death Amy
Maurice Ervin (1937 - 2020) Obituary Amy
Maurice Ervin's Bible Records Bible Records, Birth, Death Amy
Mearle Ervin (1921) Death Amy
Meigs County Township Map Maps Amy
Melody Ervin Obituary Amy
Michael "Mike" Ervin (1957-2011) Obituary Amy
Mintie Erwin (b-Feb 12, 1865 d-Oct 6, 1934) Death Certificate Death Amy
Mollie Louise Ritter, 79, of Centerville, Iowa Obituary Death, Obituary Amy
Monongalia County (West) Virginia Deedbook Records 1784-1810 Land Patents & Deeds speery
Monongalia County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists 1783-1796 Tax speery
more Ervin Burials in Jackson County Cemetery & Burial Data Kathie
Morton's History of Preston County Miscellaneous speery
Nancy Clark Ervin (b-1855 d-1936) Death Certificate Death argrace
Nancy Erwin (b-Dec 3, 1871 d-May 4, 1943) Death Certificate Death Amy
News Article about the Ervin family that started Appanoose County Ambulance Service Miscellaneous Amy
Newspaper account of James L. Ervin's (1835-1887) Death Obituary Kathie
Notes on Archibald Ervin and Early Ervins / Irvins of 1700s Miscellaneous Amy
Obituary for Elias Benjamin Ervin Obituary oviattpam
Obituary for Nancy R. Clark Ervin (1854-Feb 23, 1936) Obituary Amy
Obituary for Sarah Jane Ervin Buck Obituary oviattpam
Obituary Rodney Euwer Ervin, son of Clarence Elmer Ervin Obituary oviattpam
Ohio State County Map with Townships Maps Amy
Oscar D. Ervin (b-1889 d-1954) Death Certificate Death argrace
Owen Ervin Land Patent Land Patents & Deeds Amy
Paul Ervin Obituary Obituary oviattpam
Paul Leonard Ervin (1917-2001) Obituary Amy
Perry-McManis Family of Vinton County Miscellaneous Amy
Peter B. Ervin 1941-2012 Obituary Amy
Peter David Ervin Obituary (1887-1976) Obituary sgtervin
Pioneer Cemeteries of Guernsey County Cemetery & Burial Data speery
Preston County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists 1821-1847 Tax speery
Ridgewood Cemetery Listing in Milton Township, Jackson County Cemetery & Burial Data Amy
Rigdon Ervin Land Patent Land Patents & Deeds Amy
Robert B.Ervin (1864-1939) death certificate Death Kathie
Robert Donald "Bob" Ervin, Sr. (1942-2010) Obituary pdpatrick
Robert Ervin Will Wills Amy
Robert Hall Ervin (1852-1912) Obituary Kathie
Robert Marvin Ervin (1917-2014) Marion County, FL Obituary Amy
Samuel Ervin Land Patent Land Patents & Deeds Amy
Samuel Ervin the First Settler of Pomeroy, Ohio Miscellaneous Kathie
Sarah A. Irwin Death Notice Death, Obituary Amy
Sarah Ellen (Brown) Ervin (b. 13 Mar 1848, d. 12 Feb 1925) Death Kathie
Sarah Ervin Siens Obituary Kathie
Scipio Township, Meigs County, Ohio - Some Historical Facts Miscellaneous Amy
Simon Frederick Martzolff (b-Nov 5, 1872, d-Feb 18, 1920) Death Certificate Death Amy
Story of Julia (Leonard) Ervin, wife of Francis "Frank" Lewis Ervin Miscellaneous oviattpam
Terry Lee Ervin 1947-2001 Obituary teervin
The Arvins and the Robertsons of Estill County, KY Miscellaneous Amy
The Deadly Sawmill Death denervin
The Family Crest Miscellaneous denervin
The Fateful Voyage of the George and Anne Miscellaneous denervin
The Guernsey Co. Connection Miscellaneous denervin
Thomas Benton Erwin Death Certificate Death Amy
Thomas Ervin Will Wills Amy
Thomas Jefferson Ervin Obituary Obituary oviattpam
Thomas Samuel Ervin (b-Nov 5, 1861, d-Aug 21, 1944) Death Certificate Death Amy
Turner McClellan Erwin (b-1866, d-1930) Death Certificate Death Amy
Vinton Ervin (b-Aug 4, 1840, d-Mar 26, 1916) Death Certificate Death Amy
Virginia Lee Ervin (1944-2010) Obituary Amy
Will of Isaac Ervin (Irvin) of Tuscarawas County, Ohio Wills speery
Will of John Darnall, mentions Samuel Arvin, 1798, Kentucky Wills Amy
Will of John Sitlington, grandfather of Jane and James Erwin Wills, Miscellaneous Amy
Will of Mary Ervin Wills Amy
Will of Thomas Ervin - handwritten image Wills oviattpam
William "Bill" Murphy Obituary Obituary Amy
William D. Ervin Death Certificate Death Amy
William Lyons (b-Jun 7, 1869 d-Jul 27, 1953) Death Amy
Willis Everett Erwin (b-6-5-1875, d-3-15-1944) Death Certificate Death Amy

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