DNA Testing

Who we Work With

Leavesonbranches.com provides DNA testing through FamilyTree DNA and The Clan Irwin Association. We purchase only the 37-marker test which has been reduced from the regular price of $193 to $153. The test kit usually arrives on your doorstep in about a week after the kit is ordered. Once you get the kit, please follow the included instructions and mail the vials back to the Family Tree DNA lab for processing. Test results usually start arriving between 6 and 8 weeks after the test is received and will come in 3 segments. Markers 1-12, then 13-25, and finally the 26-37 marker results. Please note that while we will communicate the individual results of these segments, full DNA test analysis will only be made after all 37-marker results have been disclosed.

What we Need from You

After the DNA test has been administered, it will be important for you to provide your direct lineage back to your earliest confirmed ancestor (ECA) You can either send this to us in a gedcom file (if you have one), or you can just send us a very simple text listing that states names, dates of birth and death, and places of birth and death for your direct line all the way back to your ECA. We do not need information on siblings, just the main line you descend from. From your information, a gedcom will be created and used to upload to Y-search, which is a secondary service that FamilyTree DNA uses to help DNA-study participants find matches. The example below is my line:

Samuel Ervin (b- ca 1766 PA or MD, d-Feb 3 1864) m. Jane Unknown (b-1795 KY)
-Owen Ervin (b-1815 OH) m. Deborah Anderson (b-1814 OH)
-Vinton Ervin (b-1837 OH) m. Josephine Malissa McCarty (b-1846 OH)
-Maurice Alfred Ervin (b-1880 Perry Co., OH) m. Sarah Spurbeck (b-1884 OH)
-Chester Edwin Ervin (b-1907 OH) m. Mary Hannah Martzolff (b-OH)
-Frederick Maurice Ervin (b-1929 OH) m. Betty Jean Curnutte (b-1929 WV)
-Frederick Maurice Ervin (b-1950 OH) m. Suzanne Elaine Schwenker (b-1949 OH)

What to Expect

We will send email notifications directly to you via email to inform you when results have come in and are posted for your review. DNA test results will be posted on the LOB website in the DNA Testing area. It is important to note that anonymous visitors cannot view the data inside this section of the site, but all registered members do have access. During discussion and analysis, we may use your information in order to compare member results and theorize on what these results may mean. We will not release any information to any outside party for any reason. To see who has been tested from our group, please visit THE DNA RESULTS page. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AND LOGGED IN TO VIEW.

Looking for a few Good Men

We are still looking to find male descendants of the following lines willing to join the study:

  • Robert Ervin of VA (b-1822)
  • Robert Ervin (b-1804) who is Alexander Brandon Ervin's brother
  • Isaac Ervin (b-1781, d-1851) who died in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
  • Andrew Ervin, son of James Ervin of Greenbrier Co., VA
  • James Ervin of Preston County, VA (d-between 1812 and 1813)
  • How You can Help

  • Help us get into contact with male descendants from the above individuals.
  • Interested in DNA testing? Contact Us to join, or for more information.
  • Donate so that we can fully sponsor additional DNA tests.
  • As a registered member, you may also view or compare the DNA Results from our current participants. Have question? Please feel free to contact me.
    Amy Ervin-Smithson

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