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From Bible of Colonel John ERVIN Furnished by John ERVIN Who received it with the note "Foregoing furnished by Miss Claire ERVIN to Mrs. H. R. Hughes 5-1-59" Bible belonged to Colonel John ERVIN (1754-1810). It passed to lineal descendant Erasmus POWE ERVIN, born at Indiantown, SC, near Kingstree, 1878. Description of Bible: Printed by Alex-Kincaid his Majesty's Printer Edinburg MDCCLXXVI. "Allowed by authority of the General Assemby of the Kirk of Scotland, and appointed to be read in the churches"

BIRTHS: I, John ERVIN was born on Monday Mar 25, 1754.
Jennet (Jane) WITHERSPOON, daughter to Gavin W. who became my 1st wife, b. Thursday 23rd Jan'y 1753.

Margaret ERVIN daughter of Hugh E - my second wife b. Sabbath 22nd June 1770.

Samuel, my son - born Sat. at 12 O-clock Noon 6th July 1776.

Sarah, my daughter b. at 1 AM 21st Sept 1777.

John, my son, born 20 min. aft 5 AM on 26th Mar 1780

Elizabeth, my daughter - born 2 AM Sabbath 6th Jan. 1782, during Blizzard.

Jane, my daughter b. Wed. morning 2nd Jan 1784 at 10 o'clock of the day.

John, my son b. 20th Nov 1786 at sunrise.

James Robert, my son b. at 35 min. to 5, Nov 7 1788 of an evening.

Hugh, son by wife, Margaret, b. 9th July 1792 about 1/2 hr. after sunrise.

Mary, daughter by Margaret b. 21st Nov bwt. 12 and 1 oclock of the day 1794

John, 3rd of that name in my house b. at 5 PM friday on 2nd Dec 1796.

(in different writing) Laura Catherine NELSON was born Friday 19th Feby 1821

John WITHERSPOON ERVIN b. Monday 27th Mch 1823

Lawrence Nelson ERVIN b. 17th October 1845

Elizabeth Gotea WILSON b. 3rd June 1850

Erasmus POWE ERVIN b. Oct 30, 1878

MARRIAGES: John IRVINE/Sr Esq. Entered Holy Estate of Matrimony with Elizabeth, daughter to Robt. ELLISON Esq. at 11 AM on 28th Dec yeare 1744/5 by Rev. John Rae.

Hugh IRVINE/Sr. married with Mary, daughter to Robert ELLISON on 29th Dec. 1751 on Sabbath.

Margaret IRVINE married with Jno EDWARDS on 2nd May 1772 at 10 o-clock of a morning

John ERVIN, Jr., & Col. was united in Matrimony with Jane, daughter to Gavin WITHERSPOON Evening of 10th Jan 1775. Ceremony by Rev. James Edmonds. She is descendant of Reformer John KNOX.

Robert ERVIN married together with Jane ERVIN on 18th September 1778.

Sara ERVIN with Richard WELCH, Soldier of American Revolution, son of James W. of Charleston and descendant of John WELCH - on 10th June 1791.

John ERVIN, Jr., and Margaret ERVIN, daughter of Hugh E. on Evening of 6th Oct. 1791.

(different writing) James Robert ERVIN to Elizabeth POWE, daughter of General Erasmus POWE - Noon 3rd Feb 1813.

John ERVIN - Harriet Glenn POPE on June 5th 1827

James Robert ERVIN to Mrs. Ann VEREEN 2nd Jan 1834

John WITHERSPOON ERVIN with Laura Catherine NELSON, granddaughter of Capt. Jared NELSON on 21st Nov 1844

Laurence Nelson ERVIN to Elizabeth Gotea WILSON on 27th Dec 1871.

Erasmus POWE ERVIN to Sara Lucile SULLIVAN on March 6, 1907.

DEATHS: James IRVINE Inf. passed April 3rd 1753

John ERVIN or IRVINE, my honored father Departed this life at 12 o'clock of the day on 18th Mch 1773.

James IRVINE Esq., my venerable gr.father, son to John and grandson to John, passed on Sabbath morn. at 3 o'clock of 31st July 1776 ripe in years.

Elizabeth ERVIN, granddaughter of John, in fall of 1766

Robert ELLISON Esq., my grandfather passed on 1st May 1772.

John ERVIN, my son, died on Oct 9th, 1780, 8 months.

Elizabeth James IRVINE departed this life Sat. evening at 11 o'clock on 1st Dec 1782 in midst of her family.

Hugh ERVINE, Sr., passed on 25 Sept at 20 min. after noon 1785.

James ERVIN passed on 13th Sept 1784.

Jane ERVIN, my Daughter, on 14th Aug 1786, aged 2 years

John ERVIN, my son passed on 13th Nov 1788, aged 2 years.

Jane WITHERSPOON ERVIN, my wife - at daybreak Friday 20th Sept 1790, aged 37 years.

Sara ERVIN, my daughter - on 26th Jan 1791, aged 14 years

Elizabeth ERVIN, my loving mother and consort to John ERVIN, Sr., passed about midnight 18th Nov 1795, lamented by my family and community.

Mary, my daughter by Margaret - on 3rd Oct 1796.

Robert ERVIN passed on 30th Jan 1797 (son of John ERVIN, Sr.)

Margaret ERVIN, my wife, departed this life 3rd Aug 1798 in her 28th year.

(different writing) Col. John ERVIN distinguished leader in War of American Revolution, departed this life on Tuesday morning first of June 1810.

Hugh ERVIN on 24th July 1817

Samuel ERVIN on fifth May 1823.

Elizabeth POWE ERVIN wife of James Robert E. - died Friday 8th June 1832.

James Robert ERVIN passed away on Sunday of 26th June 1836.

John ERVIN died on 5th May 1876.

Laura C. NELSON ERVIN on Friday 29th July 1887 at 1 PM.


Could someone put this bible

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