New info connections to Elias Ervin

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I recently came across new information as follows:
Census 1880, Pulaski, Missouri in the case of Elias Ervin. Census contains household for Elias Ervin revealing a grandson 'Andrew Jackson Ervin, Jr' (meaning his father was Andrew Jackson Ervin) which is thought to be the son of James Lawson Ervin - meaning that Elias Ervin (if my speculation is correct), a possible brother to Samuel, was also the father of the original Andrew Jackson Ervin and Commodore Ervin (Sr) along with Henry and another brother Thomas (which resided with James Lawson Ervin in Pulaski, Missouri. For a while James Lawson Ervin resided in Illinois during the 1850's (where most of his children were born) in Effingham County which is directly next to Jasper County where Commodore Ervin resided which adds to the idea that he was one of the "brothers" emanating out of the Samuel/Elias brother's family of Maryland which are the primary ancestors for which the Ervin Genealogy Organization started from. These speculations are just that.....very limited documentation exists but DNA has linked some of these people together which is the basis for my speculation. It seems like a very neat little package, except for Sarah Ervin, mother of Isaac William Ervin as established by 1850 census in Jasper County, Illinois during the tenure of Commodore and James Lawson residence in the same local. I suspect Sarah's husband was Isaac Ervin (a possible brother to Samuel and Elias) but again no documentation exists so its speculation.

All the above is established on Family Search and with the new found informational tie-in of James Lawson except for documentation as to the probability of Elias being AndyJ and Commodore's parents.Your comment??

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