Ervin branch site / reasearch still active?

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I joined this about 3 years ago, and admittedly have not really done anything on here. I decided to look back into it, but notice not much has been happening around here.

Does anyone still do research on the Ervin genealogy?

My name is Nicholas Joseph Ervin, son of Terry Lee Ervin (1947-2001, Wellston, OH), grandson of Evan W. Ervin (d. 2006, also of Wellson-area, OH).

Just throwin' a bone out there... not sure if my 'branch' has been researched much!


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Alexander Brandon Ervin's line

Hi Nick,

We're active but pretty slow at times! Your line has been well-established on here. I see that you descend from Alexander Brandon Ervin. Several of your "family members" are registered users here.

The following is a quick history for you, but you probably already know this:

Alexander Brandon Ervin (b.-1811-d.-1880) m. Eleanor Hueston (b.-1822) in 1843
-Thomas Jefferson Ervin (b.-1844-d.-1912) m. Nancy Rebecca Melvin (b.-1846-d.-1868) in 1868
--James Ervin Ervin (b.-1883-d.-1955) m. Margaret Dickerson (b.-1880-d.-1957). (I don't have marriage information for them, someone on here probably does.)
---and then your Grandfather Evan Ervin. I don't have information about your Grandmother. We'd love it if you'd like to share those details to help fill in the recent blanks!

Alexander Brandon's trail runs cold, as do others before 1811, but there are researchers who are trying to determine who Alexander's parents were. It's an arduous task!

Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you and thanks for writing!

Amy Ervin Smithson

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Noted your note.........gave

Noted your note.........gave research..........have located Evan E Ervin in Family Search and have applied my research abilities to your tree.......Notice I did not include you as a living person, only deceased persons...........and located previously posted profiles and merged what I found. You now have a history to Alexander Brandon Ervin..........NOW YOU KNOW.........(You may contact me thru F/S - MrFidgit)

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