A Summary of our Genealogical Research

A recap of the top findings our members have discovered and/or confirmed through our collaborative efforts on research and DNA testing.

Samuel Ervin Jr. (b-1804 PA) IS related to Samuel Ervin (b-1777 PA/MD)

In March of 2008, James Leroy Ervin joined the ClanIrwin DNA Study and when his 37-marker test was compared to the results of Frederick M. Ervin III, they showed a genetic distance of only -2. According to FamilyTreeDNA, this indicates the following:

  • A 95% probability that the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was no longer than 14 generations between them.
  • A 90% probability that the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was no longer than 12 generations between them.
  • A 50% probability that the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was no longer than 6 generations between them.
  • I must note here, however, that I've seen instances where two brothers share a genetic difference of -2, so the possibility also exists that the MRCA between them is more recent than that generally accepted by FTDNA.

    Alexander Brandon Ervin (b-1811 VA) and Samuel Ervin (b-1777 PA/MD) are NOT related

    Circumstantial evidence leaned in favor of a genetic relation between these two individuals. Alexander and Samuel's family resided in the same counties, some even living next door to one another, and they even intermarried into the same families. A DNA test was all it would take to confirm it. In June of 2008, Thomas Edward Ervin of Jackson County, Ohio agreed to join the ClanIrwin DNA Study. In July, his 37-marker test results came back and shocked us all. The genetic distance between Frederick M Ervin III (descendant of Samuel Ervin) and Thomas (descendant of Alexander Brandon Ervin) was -45, eliminating any possibility of a genetic relation.

    Samuel Ervin (b-1777 PA/MD) is the father of John Ervin (b-1805 KY)

    In August of 2008, Roy Eugene Ervin, a descendant of John Ervin, agreed to DNA testing through FamilyTreeDNA. His results showed a genetic difference of -2 compared to those of Frederick M. Ervin III (Samuel's confirmed descendant). This was yet another example of brothers having a genetic distance of -2. A few months later in January of 2009, John's obituary was found in Meigs County, which confirmed Samuel was indeed John's father.

    Samuel Ervin and John Ervin are both buried at Mt. Herman Cemetery in Pomeroy, Ohio

    After DNA validated a genetic relationship between John and Samuel, research efforts were concentrated in Meigs County. A trip to Mt. Herman cemetery was in order, as this was where John was known to have been buried. Much to our surprise, Samuel's broken tombstone was discovered in thick underbrush near the center of the cemetery, even though it was not listed in the US GenWeb Transcription records for the cemetery. It took several hours and different methods in order for Sharon Siens Peery and I to be able to make out the inscription that read "One of the first settlers of Meigs Co. Ohio".

    Samuel Ervin (b-1777 PA/MD) really is the father of Owen Ervin (b-1815 OH)

    In November of 2008, an indenture was found in Meigs County, Ohio that substantiated what we believed but had been unable to prove for years.

    Descendant of Francis Erwin (b-1795 VA) and descendant of James Erwin (b bet 1811-1820 VA) joins ClanIrwin DNA Study

    Hoping to establish a common ancestor between Edward Erwin of Augusta County, VA and Robert and Barbara Nickell Erwin of Mason County, VA, Steve Erwin and Paul Curtis Erwin agreed to 37-marker DNA testing after some persuasion by Laten Bechtel. Unfortunately, however, their results yielded a genetic distance of -9. We are hoping to gain individuals in the future to help Steve and Paul find some family connections.

    Isaac Ervin (1781-1868 Tuscarawas County, OH) is NOT related to Alexander Brandon Ervin (b-1811 VA)

    When comparing DNA results from both Dennis William Ervin, descendant of Alexander Brandon Ervin, and two individuals tested with FamilyTreeDNA that both descend from Isaac Ervin, we discovered that these two lines are also not related. The genetic distance between them is -19, disproving any theory of Isaac being the father of Alexander Brandon Ervin or Robert Ervin (b-1804 VA). To view DNA results for any of our members, please Login. We've even added a handy comparison tool to view DNA results side by side, allowing you to analyze genetic differences on your own.

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